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Worst. Youth Culture. Ever.

Check out McSweeney's Jewish Holidays for Hipsters.  Then reflect on the fact that it is only four lines long, thus clearly indicating that the bottom of the barrel of hipster jokes has been scraped utterly dry.   

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Mel or Tom: Who’d You Rather?

The most shocking thing about the footage of Mel Gibson's interview with Diane Sawyer: he might be an antisemitic madman, but he's still kind of hot.  Not necessarily in a "you can call me sugartits anytime you want" way — … Read More

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Verse per Verse: The Weekly Storah

Click here for audio. Welcome to the new Storahtelling Blog: VERSE PER VERSE: THE WEEKLY STORAH, presenting you with an EZ pass into Judeo-Biblical Knowledge, one verse at a time. Every Friday, a new blog entry will arrive in your … Read More

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Quark or the International Jew?

It's not nearly so inspired as Michael's pairing of Freakshow and Jewface, but I'll take this opportunity to introduce Jewcy readers to the ongoing Jewy Trekkie debate over whether the Ferengi are the International Jews of space. Interstellar Jews, as … Read More

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Azar Nafisi: Enemy of the People

Now this is just too funny: "By seeking to recycle a kaffeeklatsch version of English literature as the ideological foregrounding of American empire," wrote Mr. Dabashi, "Reading Lolita in Tehran is reminiscent of the most pestiferous colonial projects of the … Read More

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Judt Agonistes

I have my problems with Professor Judt (see here and here), but more troubling than his intellectual murkiness is his increasingly sparse lecture calendar. This is due to bureaucratic cowardice, which sees a popular academic’s critical stance on Israel, and … Read More

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When Albums Collide

This video kicks ass. You should head over to the Jews Who Rock Wiki and count how many of these artists will someday be rolling Israel-ho.

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Today’s Jewcy

The Jewcer: The elementary hipsters: Michel Houllebecq and Sam Lipsyte: The civilized Believer exchange. Izzy: “Houllebecq (who is, for all his brattiness, is definitely a genius) has developed a reputation for outrageously bad behavior, so Lipsyte spends the trip on … Read More

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