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Ian McEwan Not a Plagiarist

And even if he were, so what? Somehow I get the feeling that McEwan could have lifted whole chapters out of an obscure 70's memoir and still be considered the most graceful English prose stylist wielding a pen today. Nor … Read More

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Turkey Club With Italian Dressing

So amidst all the Hadley memo leaking and civil war-defining in the day's news cycle comes word that the Ratz has given a Buddy Jesus thumbs up to the idea of Turkey joining the EU. Either this is his umpteenth … Read More

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Kofi Annan’s anguished plea: “Leave Israel alone!”

Kofi Annan lashes out at the UN Human Rights Council for singling out Israel while ignoring greater human rights abusers. According to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency breaking news alert, The outgoing U.N. secretary-general said in a statement to the third … Read More

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Transgendered Torah

Way back in Jewcy pre-history I shvitzed about the unreasonably excellent site of Jewish Mosaic. Mosaic is a Jewish LGBT org, but they go heavy on the T. Lots of attention to the mindboggling dilemmas faced by transgendered Jews. New … Read More

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Insurance Mogul To Buy NY Times?

Reuters reports: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Maurice Greenberg, the former head of insurer American International Group Inc. (AIG.N: Quote, Profile, Research) is interested in launching a takeover for all of New York Times Co. (NYT.N: Quote, Profile, Research), CNBC television … Read More

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Defining “God”

"Talking past each other" happens when two parties in a debate use the same term to mean different things. In the case of Prager vs. Harris, that term is "God." As someone who's been working with religion/atheism for a long … Read More

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Danny DeVito Drunk On “The View”

Out partying late with Clooney, no sleep, kibitzing with Rosie and Babba in the AM. Man, who hasn't been there? If only all Hollywood liberals were this much fun to watch when they go getting opinions…

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Kinsley’s Blind-Item Guessing Game

  Exhibit A, courtesy of Slate's Michael Kinsley: The first person I knew who had a Web site of his own was a fellow Washington journalist. This was when many journalists were still just getting into e-mail, but the URL … Read More

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