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Ultimate Fighting’s Norman Mailer

It all started with the Ultimate Fighting Championships in 1993. Promoters brought together some of the baddest dudes on the planet—boxers, kickboxers, sumo wrestlers, jujitsu masters, and karate black belts—and paid them to pound each other in the balls, kick … Read More

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The Anti-Dawkins “Thunderbolt”

This is the most generous tribute an atheist ever paid to religion, or more specifically, to the rites and reliquaries of religion: A serious house on serious earth it is, In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, Are recognized, … Read More

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Matisyahu Rocks The Year-End Reggae Charts

Billboard.Com released their top songs/albums of the year. Matisyahu picked up consecutive spots (2nd and 3rd) for "Live at Stubbs" and "Youth." Matisyahu's top single for the year, which can be heard and seen live below, was "King Without A … Read More

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Adding Some Depth To Our Communal Post-Holidays’ Vegetative State

Brought to you courtesy of Adam Hanft of HuffPo: I'm actually okay with leaving the Christ in Christmas. (I just don't want to find him in the classroom, or in Congress, or anyplace else.) I wouldn't want the Maccabees taken … Read More

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Forever A Dreamer

Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres is in Spain attending a soccer match between an Israeli team comprised of both Israeli and Palestinian soccer players and a Spanish team from Andalusia. According to the JPost, "proceeds from the match are to … Read More

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What DON’T Unitarians believe?

There are a lot of Jews who practice as “Jewnitarians”.  Which is to say…  there a lot of people who were raised Jewish, who now belong to the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Maybe because they intermarried, and maybe just because… And … Read More

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Snow Storm in Israel

Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

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Religion causing a war? Nah…

You know, I doubt I’d have even seen this story, but I happen to be in Baltimore, visiting my mom, which means that I drank my coffee this morning while reading  a copy of the Baltimore Sun (a paper I … Read More

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