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Jerry Ford Joins That Peaceful End Zone In The Sky

"Sickle-cell Armenia" was almost Monty Pythonish, but I have to wonder why "work ethnic" never caught on as a sober sociological term. (The Jamaican paterfamilias with six jobs; the Korean bodega owner who never closes shop, etc.) Gerald Ford was … Read More

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No U.S. Aid to Israel Next Year

Israel plans first settlement in ten years, says the New York Times. Israel announced plans on Tuesday to construct a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank for the first time in 10 years. The planned new settlement will be … Read More

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Short, Nasty, and Brutish

Sydney, Australia, 1994. I was in year nine (equivalent to American 10th grade) at Moriah College, Sydney’s biggest Jewish school, when our surly new sports coach gathered us in the auditorium to announce we would be fielding the first rugby … Read More

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Was Trump Always This Much of a Wishy-Washy Kiss Ass Self-Promoter?

With all of the commercials for the new season of "The Apprentice," we had to bring you something of the Donald. So here's a video clip of Donald at an Israeli press conference talking peace, perseverence, and the American way. … Read More

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Qassam Rocket Hits Sderot

A rocket hit the town of Sderot late Tuesday and injured two teens, one is listed in critical condition. The rocket was the seventh to be fired from Islamic Jihad since Tuesday morning. In accordance, Defense Minister Amir Peretz is … Read More

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Israeli Finds Growing Market in Fat Americans

An article on Kibbutz Afkim headlined the front page of The Boston Globe today. Kibbutz Afkim manufactures their own brand of electric scooters – Afikim Electric Mobilizers, and has found their largest consumers (no pun intended) in fat Americans who … Read More

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Meet NBC’s Hottest New Hero Hana

The NBC smash hit of the 2006 season "Heroes" is currently on hiatus until the end of January. And for those of us "Lost"/"Heroes" fans waiting for some sign of what the next season has in store for us, NBC … Read More

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Overheard At Boston’s JBall, Some Lame JSmack

Courtesy of a friend who attended. I overheard what I think is one of the funniest conversations at the JBall as I entered the restroom. One REALLY tall awkward sort of goofy looking guy, and some other (comparatively short) non-descript … Read More

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