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Sam Stumbles a Bit

It's very hopeful for someone who trafficks in rational skepticism to make the following forecast: It seems profoundly unimaginative-and, frankly, dangerous-to think that we cannot possibly overcome the religious divisions in our world. What is the alternative? Do you really … Read More

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Jews Who Nosh on Uncircumcised…

Greetings Jewcy! In December I saw Judy Gold's show and laughed and cried my head off. Really good and it's good you're helping to get the word out. I loved browsing through your site — as a writer and perfomer, … Read More

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Dating Blogger Amy: “Men Are So Fucking Dense, Part II”

Matthew Tall is such a fucking dense idiot. I told him how dense and stupid he was one Saturday night in September. Best Friend and I were smoking hash with our “married” friends—an NYU couple who live together—in their East … Read More

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Smackdown: Miss America vs. Queen Esther

Last night I watched the Miss America pageant with a bunch of my friends. When Miss Oklahoma won over Miss Texas, I was totally bummed. In her interview with the judges, she said that if she could change one thing … Read More

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Pasternak and the Spooks

When Roy Jenkins, one of the four founders of the Social Democratic Party of Britain and lately yet another acclaimed biographer of Winston Churchill, was asked his opinion about the covert funding of Encounter magazine by the CIA, he replied: … Read More

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Nick Cohen Pile-On

Didn't take long for Nick's book to set les bien-pensant hopping. Norm Geras anatomizes one obsession of the left: One confirmation of the fact that Nick Cohen's target is a real one wider than the SWP, is the intense hostility … Read More

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We Don’t Have to Take our Clothes Off… To Have a Good Time

Today I want to talk a little bit about modesty, which is a traditional Jewish issue that seems particularly incongruous in our world today. But in fact, it's that incongruity that makes it especially interesting to me. The contrarian in … Read More

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Ahmadinejad: “Neoconservative”

Clearly the most arresting paragraph in Laura Secor's dispatch from Iran: No elected leader can serve, let alone execute a policy agenda, without the acquiescence of the supreme leader and his associates. But was Ahmadinejad one of the leader’s associates? … Read More

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