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“Mission Accomplished”: 19th Century Tripoli

Michael Oren's new book, Power, Faith and Fantasy, charts the history of American involvement in the Middle East, an involvement almost as old as America itself. Thomas Jefferson may have had his own conspicuous problems with domestic slavery, but he … Read More

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Would You Be More or Less Religious if the World Were Ending?

This NYTimes story is really something you need to read. You’ve heard of the Doomsday clock, right? Did you know they’ve reset the hands to 11:55? Now Martin Rees, a cosmologist at Cambridge, “gives odds on doomsday and offers to … Read More

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I’m So Damn Deep I Write About Words As Wings

There's something about people who aspire to be so incredibly deep and sound about as original as the dialogue on an episode of "Law & Order" that really irk me. When I read the following words off of the Lilit … Read More

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What’s Left?

Shall I go out on a limb and say that Nick Cohen's What's Left?, which I haven't read yet because it hasn't been published in the states yet, might be the most important polemic you'll come by this year? Finally, … Read More

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Jewish Response To The Superbowl

How do Jews in New York celebrate the Superbowl? With a Souperbowl face-off of their own, of course. Don’t Miss “Souper Bowl” Thursday Jewish Food is More than Matzo Ball Soup Introducing The First-Ever National “Simply Great Jewish Food” A … Read More

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Dobi The Kelev Pele Doberman

Even if the context (and language) is totally foreign to you, I dare you not to sing along to the intro to this once popular Israeli TV kids' show. Think "Sesame Street" if Big Bird were fiercely hetero.

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Israeli Teenagers Spread Feces & Burn Flag

Six Israeli teenagers from Bat-Yam, near Tel Aviv, were arrested yesterday for setting an Israeli flag and the parchment inside eight mezuzahs on fire. The teenagers, most of whom are not Jewish and from broken homes, were released and placed … Read More

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If You Can’t Beat The Competition, Sue Them

I've never owned a pair of Levi's, but I remember a good friend of mine once telling me that whenever she saw a Levi's commercial on TV, it was a sign that the economy was doing well. In short, Levi's … Read More

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