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Dear Anonymous… I’m sorry

I’ve gotten a little caught up in name-calling this week… and I’m feeling sad about it. Because I was weak, and gave in to the impulse to bicker without any real purpose or logic.  I got angry.  Generally, I try … Read More

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A Congregation of Dead Jews

I was talking to a friend (we’ll call him George) the other day, and he told me about a really sad situation.  Near his apartment there’s a synagogue that used to house a vibrant congregation.  Over time, the Jewish community … Read More

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Chopin Saved Jews From The Nazis?

Indirectly anyways, the composer Frederic Chopin helped save at least one Jewish family from an untimely fate during the Holocaust: Jozefa Tracz devised an ingenious early-warning system to save the Jewish family hidden in the attic: the 15-year-old played the … Read More

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The Boy That Could Write Poetry

My 11-year-old nephew wrote the poem below. Read and be amazed and then search within yourself for such depth. I dare you. by Joshua Hollander Glistening in the sunshine, Half hidden in the trees, Toressent’s Pond’s murky, moldy green waters … Read More

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Totten on Oren

A great Q&A with the author of the book every American should be reading. Two choice extracts: MJT: In your book you show how the Middle East was connected to our Civil War in some ways at the time. Yet … Read More

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Shvitz Spritz: Kill ‘Em With Kindness And/Or The Truth

Turns out Birthright Israel is more than just a 10-day sojourn into the inebriated, weed-infused depths of soul searching. [The Jerusalem Post] Bill O'Reilly might actually have a legitimate point. [Human Events] Athletes need to be more sensitive like kids … Read More

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Not Just a Soviet Feminist

I'm now half past dying to get a hold of Clive James' Cultural Amnesia. Judging by the sample essays that have been appearing daily in Slate, the book is like Eminent Victorians for the 20th century, except that James' subjects … Read More

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Galbraith on the Surge

I'd been waiting for his critique, which is probably worth more than all the rest combined. He cites the too-ignored Kurdish problem posed by the surge: Until now, US forces in Iraq have been fighting, almost exclusively, the Sunni Arab … Read More

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