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There is No Cabal

From: Joey Kurtzman To: John Derbyshire Subject: Jewesses and Derbyshire’s Law Excellent stuff, John, thank you. The Jewess question is a good place to dive in. I was recently shocked, while watching Kill Bill 2 by Quentin Tarantino, to hear … Read More

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Wrestling with Derbyshire’s Law

From: John Derbyshire To: Joey Kurtzman Subject: The Marx of the Anti-Semites Thanks, Joey. The title of my review, “The Marx of the Anti-Semites,” was thought up by one of the editors of The American Conservative, most probably Scott McConnell. … Read More

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Is Kevin MacDonald Right?

Kevin MacDonald has been described as the “Marx of the Anti-Semites.” Google around the slimier regions of the web and you’ll see that his trilogy of books on Jews—A People that Shall Dwell Alone, Assimilation and its Discontents, and Culture … Read More

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Welcome, Ghosts

Apparently Explosions In The Sky have gotten a little more popular. Last week, my woman and I saw them play at the Society For Ethical Culture as part of the Wordless Music Series. When I've seen them in the past, … Read More

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Whitney’s Not The Only One Who Thinks Our Children Are Our Future

Looks like my apt. wasn't the only place that came under attack over the weekend. A Jewish kindergarten in Berlin was defaced this weekend and the Nazi sympathizers also threw a smoke bomb into the school. A tragedy was avoided … Read More

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A Jewish Girl’s Guide to Genetic Testing (Part Four)

[This is the fourth in a four-part series published on Fridays.] In the six weeks I spent waiting to hear whether I tested positive for the cancer gene, I refused to think about the results. Perhaps I was just as … Read More

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Jesus Christ!

I absolutely understand why Christians will be upset by this story in the Jerusalem Post (and the documentary it describes) but what do Jews think about it? I find it fascinating myself… and will be glued to the set next … Read More

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A Rose By Any Other Name (Unless It’s a Hebrew Translation)

As some of you know, I’ve been thinking a lot about names lately—Jewish baby names in particular.  And I’ve also been thinking—as a result—about what makes a name Jewish.  Hebrew names are lovely, but does translating any given word into … Read More

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