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Saying Dayenu to the Maxwell House Haggadah

I really hate Pesach. I know every other Jew in the world loves the seders, and thinks matzah is great and gefilte fish is the best gift we’ve gotten from God since Sinai, but frankly I have very little to … Read More

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Anti-Semitism in the UK

There's a slightly confusing article on the Guardian website today about a raucous anti-Semitism debate at the annual conference of Britain's National Union of Students. Feelings ran so high in the debate at Blackpool that the chairman was forced to … Read More

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Pennies From Heaven

I used to find pennies all over the place. For a time, they seemed to be everywhere: on sidewalks, in crosswalks, in the subway, on cab floors, and even in my own stairwell. Wherever I went, if I cared only … Read More

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Sperm-Swapping Marmosets and the Jewish People

According to the New York Times, primatologists have discovered that male marmosets occasionally blow their brother's nut. The sperm [comes] from one male, but it [has] the DNA of the male’s brother. Corrina Ross, who headed the University of Nebraska … Read More

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Chavismo Cretinismo

Funny how signal terms like "traison" and "revolucion" are intelligible without translation. For those interested, however, Daniel Duquenal has glossed Hugo's speech: The national revolutionary government wants to take a decision against something that, for example, must go through a … Read More

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Cold War Voodoo Nostalgia

I have to admit, I feel a twinge of longing for the good old days when our enemies were an increasingly isolated faction within a Central Committee, not a ramified squadron of raving, cave-dwelling psychotics. But it's times like these … Read More

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I’m an Idiot, Help Me Understand?

At Haaretz today… a story on how a huge number of Holocaust archives are set to be opened at last…  The world's largest archive of Nazi-era documents announced yesterday it would open its files to the public as soon as it … Read More

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Clive James on Sartre

All one needs to know about the goggle-eyed gulag lover: This perversity—and he was perverse, whether he realized it or not—made him the most conspicuous single example in the 20th century of a fully qualified intellectual aiding and abetting the … Read More

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