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Michael Scott Berman

My photography occurs mainly in the city, documenting the many beautiful and perplexing moments of modern life. Although these moments often seem timeless and elemental, to me they are fleeting glimpses into the relationships between people and our ever-changing environment. … Read More

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The Enlightenment Industry

Karma I realized I probably wasn’t going to find enlightenment in India about four days into my trip. I was drinking chai in the restaurant of the Shiva Hotel before a yoga class, talking with Iryse, a snarky Belgian woman … Read More

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Blogging the Cleanse #6: I’m ready for my swiss chard, Mr. Demille

And all good things must come to an end — sometimes, as with Godfather III or Clerks 2, after they've overstayed their welcome a bit.  The parallels with meditation retreat continue; on the last day of a retreat, it's really … Read More

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Purifying My Colon—And My Soul

Depending on whom you ask, the Master Cleanse is either a highway to rejuvenation and mental clarity or a cayenne-pepper-saturated crash diet. For a minimum of ten days, cleansers consume nothing but a spicy lemon drink followed by a special … Read More

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Lesbian Polygamist: 4, Islamists: 0

What's she do for an encore, recognize Israel over a ham sandwich and bottle of Merlot?  This woman has got Jewcy Radical written all over her.  A Nigerian lesbian who "married" four women last weekend in Kano State has gone … Read More

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Instruments are For Wusses

During the counting of the Omer we’re supposed to be in a state of mourning, since we haven’t yet received the Torah. Some people don’t go to live entertainment in the weeks between Pesach and Shavuot. Many won’t listen to … Read More

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Alterman v. Cox

This one is good, but did you hear about next week's catfight between Paula Froelich and Francis Fukuyama? Stay tuned. For those just joining us, here's how it all went down: Ana Marie Cox waited a good, career-affirming while before … Read More

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A (Brief) Jewish Guide to Christian History (Part II)

When we left off, a loosely organized band of Jesus-loving Jews had just begun to form “a religion”.  What happened? Then they split up again: Orthodoxy and Catholicism  Then what happened?  Well, you have to bear in mind that as … Read More

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