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So-Called Enlightenment Values

Ian Buruma bangs that drum again:  Moreover, fierce attacks on Muslims started to come from people who, raised in deeply religious families, had turned into radical leftists in the 1960’s and 1970’s. From defining themselves as anti-colonialists and anti-racists – … Read More

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A (Brief) Jewish Guide to Christian History (Part I)

I’ve begun to notice that a lot of Jews don’t really know anything about Christianity. Which is not to say that we should, but I’m a little surprised that we can live in this “host” culture, be constantly surrounded by … Read More

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The Dean’s December

It's April, but still.  “I misrepresented my academic degrees when I first applied to M.I.T. 28 years ago and did not have the courage to correct my résumé when I applied for my current job or at any time since,” … Read More

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Mstislav Rostropovich Dies

NYT:  But Mr. Rostropovich became famous well beyond musical circles, as a symbol of artistic conscience and his defiance of the Soviet regime. When the writer Aleksander Solzhenitsyn came increasingly under attack by Soviet authorities in the late 1960’s, Mr. … Read More

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Blogging the Cleanse #5: The Routinization of Fasting

Okay, so to get to the important stuff first: no, I didn't get a colonic. I did actually try to schedule one, because my nutritionist-facilitator did, and I thought, well, misery loves company. But the practitioner was all booked up. … Read More

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Shvitz Exclusive: Grey Goose

With the ban on foie gras taking effect in Chicago soon (revelers will have to transport themselves to oh-so-distant Evanston to enjoy the forbidden goose liver), it seems that French nationalistic and anti-American politics will once more find a scapegoat … Read More

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Al Jazeera, Dr. Ruth, and Jewish Disco Queens: A Kosher Combination

I get a weekly email from the Forward, which I do not open unless I am somehow enticed or titillated by the subject line. Today's looked like this: Al Jazeera's Jews * Zion's Mafia * Dr. Ruth's Advice Hmm, I thought … Read More

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My Only Right-Wing Sex Fantasy

I've never understood the claim made by some liberal males of my acquaintance that they'd like to fuck Ann Coulter. Specifically, what they claim is that they'd like to "hate-fuck" her, much the same way Craigslist users with personal ads … Read More

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