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Does This Page Look Weird? Click Shift-Refresh.

We've redesigned Jewcy, and I'm told it may look a little weird until you hold down the Shift key and refresh the page. So do that.

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Our Dumbest Commenters

All seem to use Comcast. I remember being at an Onion book signing a few years ago hearing head writer Todd Hanson say that the most drooling letters to the editor his satiric weekly ever received were from AOL users … Read More

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The Mighty Calves of France

Nicolas Sarkozy, the "French Kennedy," jogging up the steps of the Elysee Palace. His style is either invigoratingly breezy or gauche, depending on whom you ask. We'll hold off on further Camelot-izing until he incites a missile crisis with Vladimir … Read More

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Google Goes Orwellian

Google has unleashed a truly extraordinary technology: Street-level zooming.  Go on, lose your job by playing all day.  Below: the Jewcy offices.  

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Online Mezuzah

A while back Laurel wrote about why you should get yourself a mezuzah for your home. It’s definitely a key item for any home. But mezuzahs, which signify that God is watching over our doorposts, and which serve as a … Read More

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Ze’ev Jabotinsky Bad-Ass Jew Award

Israeli right wing politician Avigdor Lieberman unveiled a new plan today to cut off the Gaza Strip and declare it a "hostile enemy." I certainly understand why Israeli politicians would be at wit's end, with daily rocket fire from the … Read More

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The Internet is 90% Amateur Crap

This is the sixth email in an eight-email debate between Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired Magazine, and Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur. Here, Kelly argues that the unapologetic amateurism of online culture is precisely what will … Read More

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The Cult of the Audience

From: Andrew Keen To: Kevin Kelly Subject: Dylan went electric, and it wasn't your damn business Kevin, You are right, of course, that I’m being intellectually crude (what you call “fundamentalist”) in my polemic on behalf of intellectual property. And … Read More

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