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Well It’s Hard Out There For A Goddess

First of all, pretty much everything you learned about goddesses from The Da Vinci Code is wrong. You probably knew that, because you probably watched one of those Discovery channel Breaking the Da Vinci Code specials, but in case it … Read More

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Shvitz Spritz: Round Trip to the Moon

London police defuse car packed with explosives. [Chicago Tribune] Legal screwups in case against President Moshe Katsav. [The Jerusalem Post] In 5-4 decision, Supreme Court rules against school integration. [The New York Times] As the Court outlaws busing, Jewish groups … Read More

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Again With The Cartoons?

Pathetic: Thailand has caved in to pressure from Iran and withdrawn the animated movie "Persepolis", about a girl growing up and feeling repressed under Islamic rule, from next month's Bangkok International Film Festival. "I was invited by the Iranian embassy … Read More

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Katsav’s Plea Bargain

Israel has got a prime minister with an approval rating in the single digits and a rapist for a president. And we think we've got it bad over here. The J-Post: According to the deal signed at Beit Hanassi, the … Read More

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Waugh Bash

Alexander Waugh's Fathers and Sons has got everyone talking of the prose gene that must have been transmitted down through at least three generations of this scabrous line. The latest laudatory review comes from Joan Acocella in the New Yorker; … Read More

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Why We Can’t Quit

Isn't it weird how cigarette manufacturers now have to actively dissuade people from buying their product? Can we smokers tell you militant anti-smoking nutjobs something? Most of us started smoking because it seemed cool. It seemed cool because it signified … Read More

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To Be a Journalist in Russia…

means to be shot or arrested on false charges. Jamey Gambrell in the New York Review of Books on Putin's latest assaults on press freedoms: One of the most recent victims of the Putin bureaucracy has been an NGO called … Read More

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Fishing for God

But of course. Where else would lofty-sounding criticism of the much-needed atheist pushback campaign come from if not from the royal halls of LitCrit and deconstruction? Stanley Fish thinks he's pointed out something really clever by showing that the arguments … Read More

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