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Jews and Infertility

Infertility is an issue most people know very little about. But that doesn't stop those same individuals from having strong opinions on the subject. Strong opinions based on ignorance are often deeply misinformed and prejudicial. Such is the case with … Read More

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Idan Raichel: Israeli Music in Ethiopian Groove

I was listening to KBCS (Bellevue, WA) and the DJ played a song that knocked me out. Being Jewish, having a strong interest in Israel, and knowing Hebrew, whenever I hear Hebrew anywhere my ears perk up. But this song … Read More

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A War We Might Win?

In today’s Times, two analysts from the Brookings Institution have written an op-ed on the seemingly rosy state of affairs in Iraq. Troops are beaming with morale and optimism; their faith in General Petraeus is stalwart. Even the Iraqi people … Read More

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What’s Wrong With That Little Blue Pushke?

Any Jewish boy or girl who's ever attended Hebrew school knows about the blue Jewish National Fund (JNF) pushke (or charity box), into which parents and teachers encouraged us to throw our pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. They taught us … Read More

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Azmi Bishara’s J’Accuse

The gag order imposed on media reporting of the Shin Bet treason case against Azmi Bishara has been lifted. Unfortunately, we don't know much more now than we did before. But at least it has freed Bishara from enough constraints … Read More

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Jewcy Overthinks Gawker

Ever since columnist Mark Caro published a rant against Gawker’s Jewish quips on the Chicago Tribune’s entertainment blog, we’ve been wondering what the Jewcy take should be. An e-mail debate took off as soon as The Forward published their thinkpiece, … Read More

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Cucumber Soda

Read what The Impulsive Buy blog has to say about Japan's newest beverage craze, proving that the futuristic island nation has chutzpah, or, in the Japanese, ???? (????????).

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Contest Winners and New Contest

Hey Folks, This week's challenge is to come up with the…. Best Haiku About Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz (Please note that if you cannot think of a haiku about Alan Dershowitz, it is also acceptable to write one about … Read More

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