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The British Are Coming!

So the Spice Girls have unveiled their new look: The Spice Girls have added three new dates to their reunion tour, taking the total number of concerts of 14. In addition to the original dates, the group will perform in … Read More

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SuperJews and Pagans

I’ve been heavily involved in Jewish communities pretty much since birth. I’ve always kept Shabbat and holidays, I keep kosher (whatever that means), and am committed to Jewish learning, education, charity and social justice. To me, these things are normal, … Read More

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Shvitz Spritz: Red Mosque Round 2

Its first day open after an army raid two weeks ago, student protesters and more violence at Islamabad's Red Mosque. [The New York Times] [BBC] Can Pakistani President Musharraf contain the militant threats? [BBC] Dog fighting, point-shaving, blood doping: Slate … Read More

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From Nakba to Waksa and Back Again

An interesting commentary in todays Yediot by Roni Shaked claims that the Palestinians have begun referring to their current situation as the “waksa” (or “vaksa”, hard to tell in Hebrew transliteration) as opposed to the famous “nakba” and the slightly … Read More

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Shambo III: What Others Call Hell, He Calls Home

Regular readers bemoaning Jewcy's descent into Brit tabloid hell this week will be glad to hear that this will be the final Shambo update. Despite heroic resistance from the Welsh monks fighting (non-violently) to protect the TB-infected temple bull from the clock-punchers … Read More

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If Mark Cuban is Right, Then Jewcy’s a Goner

Current Dallas Maverick's owner/former owner of who won't spend his money on a decent haircut/guy who's gonna buy the Cubs for $1 billion out-of-pocket cash, says: "The Internet is Dead." And we're working so darn hard at this online … Read More

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Do Not LOL Gently Into That Good Night

In a Providence, RI hospice, a cat named Oscar has been predicting deaths. When Oscar curls up next to a gravely ill patient, it means the person has four hours to live. So far he's been right 25 times. Usually, … Read More

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Kanye West is Actually a Fat White Redneck

I'm recycling here from this morning's Spritz, but this video is worth it for only one minute and eleven seconds of your quickly-fading Thursday afternoon. Actor/comedian Zach Galifianakis, playing a fat farmer dude with a big red beard, lip-synchs to … Read More

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