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Zionist Neocons or Self-Loathing Pinkos?

Pigeonhole-hopping is always a popular diversion among the opinionated. Inevitably leftists who disagree with you will call you fascist, while righties with beef will dismiss you as pinko Communists. It’s all too easy to derive glee from those moments when … Read More

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Don’t Stop Atoning

Amazing story in the Atonement Forum: A long time ago, when I was in the seventh grade at a Hebrew Day School, there was a new kid in our class from Israel. I'll call him Shuki. Shuki was only in … Read More

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The Link Between Strauss and Neoconservatism

But hear the morning's injured weeping, and know why: Cities and men have fallen; the will of the Unjust Has never lost its power; still, all princes must Employ the Fairly-Noble unifying Lie. — Auden, "In Time of War" "Not … Read More

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bin Laden as Christ and Hirst as Artist

Among the 500 entries for the Blake Prize for Religious Art in Australia are a painting depicting Osama bin Laden as Jesus Christ and a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in a blue burqa familiar to Afghani women that … Read More

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Jew Lost Me At Hello

Noah Graff, the online reality dater behind "Jew Complete Me," just reminded me why I am dating a shiksa. But mostly he just made me feel sorry for Jewish women. A few days ago, he hit me with a friend … Read More

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Assholes of the Week

Senator Larry Craig, not only for the opening statement at his press conference–“Thank you all very much for coming out today”–but also for his silly rationalization that when he tap-danced on the shoe of an undercover cop in the adjoining … Read More

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The Daily Foxman: The Luftmenschen of Jewcy

Daily commentary on the ADL/Armenian Genocide uproar LUFTMENSCHEN VS. REALISTS: David Kelsey of Jewschool has published “The Luftmenschen of Jewcy,” a post in which he criticizes Jewcy for valuing “moral consistency” over the tough-minded realpolitik that Israel’s current situation demands. … Read More

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The (Deserved) Bolaño Hype

This past summer, I discovered Roberto Bolano (somewhat embarrassingly, since Latin America had long since proclaimed him the most important writer of his generation, but US literary critics were only just catching on to the already overdue English translations). I … Read More

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