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Republican Jewish Coalition to Ron Paul: Drop Dead

Look, I don't care what Sully thinks; Ron Paul is the greatest missed opportunity of the Taft administration. He's fun to watch precisely because he's unelectable, he knows it, and he's the kind of doctor whose waiting room magazines are … Read More

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What Would Meathead Do?

Hey, remember how Sheryl Crow stopped the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by wearing a "No War" guitar strap? Looks like celebrity activism is calling the shots in Washington again:  Hillary Clinton is picking up the key endorsement of director Rob … Read More

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Your ADL Advocacy Dollars At Work

  The Anti-Defamation League in San Diego has objected to the shape of the buildings. “We told the Navy this was an incredibly inappropriate shape for a structure on a military installation,” said Morris S. Casuto, regional director of the … Read More

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Much To Do

An Allergy Free Cat: Is a Happy Cat Here's some of the things I have to do today: Return the electrical breaker I bought that was wrong. Find something of equal or lesser value that I can now consider "free," … Read More

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Now “Blackwater” Just Sounds Evil

Here's an Onion headline that found its way into the New York Times: "Blackwater Tops All Firms in Iraq in Shooting Rate." So either DynCorps got assigned all the low-priority targets like Ari Fleischer's cousin, or else Erik Prince, founder … Read More

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The Ass Man Cometh

Slate's Sex Issue finally — finally! — highlights the female ass. "Most Read" status instantly achieved, proving more American males secretly wish they had wives for whom the toilet's reducing ring were unnecessary. Ugh, says Sir Mix-a-Lot.

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Erkut Terliksiz

Erkut Terliksiz has been illustrating professionally since he graduated from The Graphic Design in Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University in 2002. His illustrations and paintings have appeared in many national magazines, books, CD covers, etc., in addition to … Read More

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And Johnny, I’d Like to Plug My Book

Johnny Carson: As if you didn't know.I remember as a child watching Carson propping up his guests' latest book on his prop desk (why's he need a desk? he got a stapler in there?) and the camera cuts to a … Read More

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