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Meet Mr. Gay International

I don't really get the point of the "Mr. Gay International" tournament (where's the "Mr. Straight International" competition), but feast your eyes upon the current holder of the crown, Mr. Nathan Shaked of Tel Aviv.   Mr. Shaked is a … Read More

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A Reply to Jamie Kirchick’s Defense of “Islamofascism”

Putting aside the debate over whether Islamofascism is historically appropriate (Hitchens says it is) or pragmatically sound (Gen. Abizaid says its not), I found Jamie Kirchick's thesis that liberals are not adequately opposed to violence and oppression in the Muslim … Read More

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Q&A With Katie of Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk

  Meet Katie, the creator of Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk, a vegan zine and counterpart website that has taken the cooking world by storm. Full of "simple recipes for complicated vegans," DEOTS is a testament to the creativity, community, … Read More

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Japanese Fiddler on the Roof

Eat your heart out, Zero Mostel. Hat tip: Will. 

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The Christian Phenomenon of a Giuliani Presidency

I knew something was absent from Rachel Morris' excellent exposure of the trespasses and constitutional encroachments of the Giuliani mayoralty. Now I know what it was. It was Rudy's political philosophy. John Judis at TNR goes farther back into the … Read More

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On “Islamofascism”

Last seen preciously explaining why "[t]he discussion of [Che] Guevara is still divisive and complicated, years after his death, and it should be," the good folks over at Campus Progress have launched a jihad on use of the word "Islamofascism." … Read More

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Single People Do Not Have the Plague

On Saturday I was at shul and I invited this family over for Friday night dinner. The first thing the father said when I invited them was, “I think people should invite you over.” What the fuck am I supposed … Read More

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Olmert Has Prostate Cancer

It's not life-threatening, though: “I will be able to function fully before the treatment and a few hours after it,” he said. “I will be fully able to carry out my role.” Rumors about the state of Mr. Olmert’s health … Read More

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