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Legends of the Chelsea Hotel

Ed Hamilton, who's devoted the last few years to blogging a kind of Arabian Nights of the preeminent node of funky, New York bohemia, has just released a book of his collected efforts: Legends of the Chelsea Hotel. That'd be … Read More

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The Theory of Generational Relativity

I suspect that many readers will find this article by Mark Morford laughably alarmist. Its argument is that American students are now so dumb that within a generation or two, none of them will be able to perform even relatively … Read More

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The West’s Islamic Reform Cult of Personality

In his piece on the Crossroads series by PBS, Gary Kamiya of Salon made the observation that when it comes to reform within Islam, someone whose “views are actually representative” is the best candidate to speak about the subject. Presumably … Read More

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Tzedakah We Love Monday: Hazon

We talk a lot about tzedakah, naturally, and usually give links of places where you can donate. But, of course, we shouldn't overlook the many other, and just as important, ways to give that aren't necessarily just a matter of … Read More

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Devil’s Candy

Like many assimilated Jewish children, I grew up an all-out, costume-wearing, candy-trading, Halloween-celebrating kid. I didn't know from pagan rituals or the occult – I just wanted to run around my neighborhood in a ballerina costume, crunching through the leaves … Read More

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Shechitah vs. PETA

I stumbled upon an article today that concerned itself with what it called "Shechitah vs. PETA"–in other words, the conflict that exists between animal-rights advocates and proponents of kosher slaughter. It reminded me of why I'm both proud of and … Read More

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Mitzvah of The Week: Shabbes

It's almost Shabbes. My house is clean, my dinner is ready, my cat and I are all ready to get our nefesh on. I love Shabbes. I love the idea of it, I love the practice of it, and I'm … Read More

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The Friday 5: Top Trayf Cravings

  An observant friend of mine celebrates Purim every year with a ‘trayf night -” the one night a year he willingly – even actively – eats non-kosher food. Purim, he figures, is all about shaking things up and turning … Read More

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