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News Roundup

Prince of the Citi Abu Dhabi’s bailout of Citi is sinking-in and some critics are distressed by potential consequences of Citi’s petrodollar assistance. The Telegraph explains the widespread reaction of collective relief about this deal is eschewing the darker reality … Read More

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Mixing Pop and Politics

Morrissey's in trouble over comments he made about immigrants in England: "England is a memory now," he says, in an interview with the NME published yesterday. "The gates are flooded and anybody can have access to England and join in." … Read More

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Jews Are So Edgy and Religious

The NY Times has an article about Indie Jewish communities that’s very popular, and pretty interesting. WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 — There are no pews at Tikkun Leil Shabbat, no rabbis, no one with children or gray hair. Instead, one rainy … Read More

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Could’ve Been Worse. You Could’ve Been Lead Singer of The Fall

I took in Control last night, Anton Corbijn's bleak and gorgeously shot biopic of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division who's remembered today either as the Young Werther of Manchester or, as Woody Allen once said of Sylvia … Read More

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Having a Hanukkah Party? Ask Everyone to Bring a Can.

So I'm planning my Hanukkah party for next weekend, putting together recipes and making grocery lists, when I come across this. It's an article about how hunger and gluttony exist side by side in our world, and it quickly pulls … Read More

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Good News: Jewish Lobby Controls France

Jewcy's Abe Greenwald shouldn't worry so much about France -the Algerian government (well, one of its ministers, but he has received no official rebuttal) tells us who's really in charge: Sarkozy was put in power by the "Jewish lobby,which has the monopoly … Read More

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Natan Sharansky at Commentary

The Soviet refusenik par excellence dropped by Commentary's offices in midtown Manhattan to play chess and kibitz about Annapolis and Iran. My friend Sam Munson, Commentary's online editor, has video tape. (Jewcy brings you post office-party porn, they give you … Read More

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Morning News Roundup

Republicans Debate in Florida The Republican candidates for President subjected themselves to a withering barrage of questions from YouTube dweebs. Of special note, the early fights on immigration between the Mittster (or Willard Mitt, if you’re not into the whole … Read More

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