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Comment of the Week: Big Business vs. Big Jesus

This week we salute Uriah’s comment on the Megachuch and taxes post. If these megachurches are making money from shopping malls, movie theatres, and sporting events, and not having to pay taxes, then the separation of church and state has … Read More

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Chicago’s Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Here in Chicago, the community is rather chatty about the new Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies opening a new $55M facility on Michigan Avenue. This building is, I have to admit, really quite stunning and Friday, it opens to the … Read More

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No Need to Thank Me, I Already Know How You Feel

I'm surprised and glad to see that William Saletan has (semi-)recanted his series on race, genes, and IQ. Those who have read my response in these pages, and especially the supplement on J. Philippe Rushton, will understand why it was … Read More

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Infamous Amis

I just flew in from New York City and boy are my liver, kidneys, and soul (sorry, Josh) tired. I can finally say that I understand what Kingsley Amis, in his profound and subtle vade mecum On Drink, called the … Read More

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The World’s Most Evil Teddy Bear

A British schoolteacher working in Sudan polled her students for a name for a class teddy bear. They came up with Muhammed, and she was arrested for insulting the prophet: If found guilty, the teacher, Gillian Gibbons, who taught at … Read More

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Afternoon News Roundup

When Fatah were the bad guys: too… much… irony…. head…. exploding…. Saudis arrest 200 terror suspects, celebrate by gang-raping woman and then arresting her too. Climate change causes more fevers; insert awful global warming pun here. In Giuliani's defense, free … Read More

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The Judean People’s Front, the Blogosphere, and Jewcy

Yesterday, some Jewcy readers observed that Brendan O'Neill, editor of the online magazine Spiked and recent contributor here, began his journalistic career at a magazine named Living Marxism. Living Marxism was the organ of Britain's Revolutionary Communist Party, which held … Read More

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Arabs Long for Israel’s Sandwiches

I was reminded of last year's Oscar-winning short West Bank Story when I stumbled upon this article today. Amidst the tense discussions at Tuesday's Middle East peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland, the Israeli diplomat noticed – and relished – the … Read More

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