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Tzedakah We Love: Yad L’Yad

Remember in the eighties when it was really trendy in the Jewish community to be deeply invested in the fate of Soviet Jews? There were all those rallies about letting them out, plus that awesome song, “We are leaving mother … Read More

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Not Nearly Geek Enough

As I stood with the other congregants, I felt an old tension wash over me. I was so glad to be here, so proud that there was something traditional that would soothe my yearning. But as things got started, I … Read More

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This is the USA. If I Want to Eat Poo, I Should be Free to Do So.

Milk. It does a body good. Unless you're lactose intolerant, vegan, or drinking raw milk full of poo. Raw, you ask? Full of poo, you ask? Yes, raw and poopy. You see, some people prefer their milk unpasteurized, which raises … Read More

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Pakistan Open Thread

Just now on MSNBC, Lawrence Eagleburger counseled: "We should be reaching out to the opposition leader [in Pakistan], whose name I can't pronounce." Really? It's "Nawaz Sharif." That's not all that difficult. Can he pronounce "Omar Sharif"? If he practices … Read More

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Ron Paul, Creationist

Via Perry de Havilland via Instapundit, here is video of Ron Paul responding to a question about the questions on evolution that have come up in the Republican primary debates. Paul avers that evolution is "a theory," and "as a … Read More

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Travel Deeper: London, Oxford

Since Matthue has been blogging from the UK all week, and since I’ll be winging my way over on New Year’s Day I thought it might be a nice time to recommend some great Jewish travel tips for my two … Read More

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On The Nightstand Thursdays

The Jewish Book Council, who is behind the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature, has announced this year's five finalists for said prize, basing their selections on a "demonstration of a fresh vision and evidence of future potential to further … Read More

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The Chinese Morning Edition

The Sierra Leone political activist Zainab Bangura recently said, “People say China is a sleeping giant, but it’s wide awake. It’s the elephant creeping up behind us. Only, it’s so big we can scarcely see it moving.” That the editorial … Read More

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