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Afternoon News Roundup

Bhutto Update Christopher Hitchens submits his obit for Benazir Bhutto. He does not spare criticism of the dark parts of her personal life (including the corruption charges and her “gilded exile in Dubai”) and openly criticizes her public record (namely, … Read More

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Benazir Bhutto

Say what you will about Benazir Bhutto — she was personally corrupt, autocratic by disposition, she cynically empowered pro-Taliban forces to gain a strategic advantage against India — she was by a vast margin the best hope for democracy in … Read More

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Morning News Roundup

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated After a public speech in Rawalpindi (9 miles outside Islamabad), Benazir Bhutto was shot in the neck and chest. The attack was followed by a suicide bombing. It is unclear if she was shot before or after … Read More

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In Defense of (Mitt Romney’s) Hypocrisy

The Concord Monitor of (I assume) Concord, New Hampshire, published an anti-endorsement of Mitt Romney that's been making the rounds. As funny as the premise of the piece is — we the editorial staff have no idea who you should … Read More

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Chinese Food On Christmas

Man, I forgot all about this guy's song. Well, let's dust it off and enjoy it another year, even if it is a day late. (And, on a related note, hit Tamar's post that ponders our actions on Christmas and … Read More

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Comment of the Week: Welcome My Brothers

We have had some seriously insane commenting going on this week. All kinds of haters came out of the woodwork in response to Peter Bebergal’s post on how Christmas became meaningful to him as a Jew. There’s some interesting discussion … Read More

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Kosher is the New Black

The Global New Products Database, which "monitors worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets," has reported that "Kosher" was the most popular food label in the U.S. in 2007, beating out "All Natural" and "No Additives or Preservatives." This … Read More

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Will Smith is no Mel Gibson!

Recently, Will Smith caused great controversy when he stated that all human beings, including the likes of Hitler, seek to do good in the world. In an interview for the Scottish paper The Daily Record, Smith said: "Even Hitler didn't … Read More

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