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Limmud and the sea of languages

This morning's sessions: when the messiah's coming, and what it means to believe – fave quote: ''Why wasn't the Rambam just, like, I KNOW the messiah's coming?'' — and a veritable feast of the Danish gay poet Jacob Israel van … Read More

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The Curse of Jimmy Carter’s Ghost

Usually, when conservatives express their fear that Christmas is under siege, they at least manage to string together a few unconvincing anecdotes to support their position. You know the sort of thing: "Welcome to the No-Spin Zone. Ladies and gentlemen, … Read More

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Deadline Extended for Limmud

I’ve already told you to make your reservations for Limmud NY because it’s going to be off the hook, but if you’ve waited you’ve got until December 28th to get the reduced rate.  Limmud NY has sold out every year … Read More

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Limmud and British inferiority

On the way home from the nightly Limmud bar, this Israeli guy — I only remember his first name, Roi — heard that I was a poet and dropped a poem; I only remember the chorus:  On the London Underground, … Read More

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Yes, We Know It’s Christmas!

I’m such an anti-conformist I don’t spend Christmas eating Chinese food and seeing a movie. I had coffee and a bagel with a friend this morning (the kosher bagel place was hopping, of course) and then finished my grading for … Read More

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I Am Not Ashamed To Admit This Made Me Cry

I don’t know if it’s the so-called “holiday spirit” or what, but reading this made me all teary and ridiculous. From officer and orphan to father and son An American soldier's familiarity with a sick Iraqi boy grows into strong … Read More

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Today at Limmud….

Today at Limmud, nothing has happened yet — well, it's 7:30 in the morning and my rabbi from yeshiva just pounded on my door to wake me up, but I asked him to, and now I'm iChatting to my wife … Read More

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Tzedakah We Love Monday

New Israel Fund's Project for African Refugees could use our support. I know you know, but the details go something like this: Post-Shoah, Israel was a drafter of the UN Convention on Refugees, which, in short, states that any refugee … Read More

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