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Blogging Birthright: Day 2, or Is This Really My Homeland?

It’s day two and we’re at the “Mega Event,” which is a show and dance party held for every Birthright group currently in Israel. (They come from all over: Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the UK. Not every Birthright group attends a … Read More

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Daily Show Clip Of The Day

Last week Jewcy reported on Mitt Romney's cringe-inducing racial pander, quoting lyrics from "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and referring to "bling bling." On Monday night Jon Stewart analyzed the same video clip and commented on a similar pander to … Read More

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Arabs Hot for Israeli Porn

First, they refuse to acknowledge Israel’s existence. Then, they log on to a website that’s doubly forbidden: Not only is it Israeli–it’s Israeli porn. Who are these seekers of sexy skin? Oh, just a few hundred thousand (at least) Arabs … Read More

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JDater of the Week: The good, the bad, and the non-Jewish

Ugh. It took me exactly two weeks of searching for JDaters of the Week before I had an ethical crisis. Who am I to rain down judgment upon the good people of JDate just because they call themselves things like … Read More

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Blogging Birthright: Day 1, or Orthodox Hippies & Badass Babes

I find a BFF at the airport, which is somewhat of a relief. Her name is Ashley, she’s from Louisiana, and she has an enviable southern lilt that makes all of her words sound like they end in “L.” She’s … Read More

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Jewcy Opinion Digest

On Nepotism Frank Schaeffer in Huffington Post "Nowhere is this division [between 'peasants' and royalty] more apparent than in who serves in our military and who does not." Related: Join the Israeli Army or Lose the Right to Vote On … Read More

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Clip of the Week: HBO Loves Israel

HBO is having an Israel moment. The network’s new show, "In Treatment," is so closely based on an Israeli series that the American actors aren't allowed to watch the Israeli version, lest they learn too much about the future of … Read More

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Jewish Mythbusters: Nobody Has Sex Through A Hole In The Sheet

There are all kinds of kinky things going on in Orthodox bedrooms (see Calm Kallahs and the Frumsex messageboards for proof) but no one is having sex through a hole in the sheet. This rumor seems to have come from … Read More

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