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Blogging Birthright: The Best Things in Life Are Free?

Tomorrow I’m embarking on my first trip to Israel, with 39 people I’ve never met. The only part of the trip I planned was my bus ride from Manhattan to Newark airport, which is about as exciting as watching two … Read More

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Grumpy Old Man: An Interview with ‘Sissy Nation’ author John Strausbaugh

Sissy Nation: How America Became a Culture of Wimps and Stoopits (Virgin Books, on sale February 6) is one of the funniest books you will ever read — if you aren’t a sissy. Author John Strausbaugh, a contributor to the … Read More

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‘In Treatment’ With Jewcy

HBO's buzzed about new series, "In Treatment" — about a therapist, his clients, and his own therapy — offers an interesting variation on the usual TV series rhythm we all know and love. Instead of one episode per week, the … Read More

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Are You Voting For Tracy Flick, Peter Pan, Or Popeye?

Slate recently pointed out that Senator Hillary Clinton has some things in common with Tracy Flick, the protagonist of Election. But who do the other '08 candidates remind us of? RUDY GIULIANI is Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit: … Read More

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Today In Amy Winehouse: Her Grammy Odds

USA Today has a searching analysis, complete with timeline, of the "eyelinered, tattooed R&B sensation" whose antics make "reformed bad girl Courtney Love [seem] hatched from a Jane Austen novel." On the bright side, according to Blender Editor in Chief … Read More

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God Save The Queen From Eli Valley

Jewcy’s comic artist turns his gimlet eye away from the Jewish people and towards their detractors. As Britian’s former European minister noted in The Washington Post this fall, antisemitism is on the rise in the UK. Jews are four times … Read More

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Today in Overshares

Good first-person writing online is an endangered species. A personal essay needs at least thousand words to really get into the nuances of whatever probably-humiliating story you’re choosing to share, but the Internet, being full of distractions, doesn’t reward length. … Read More

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Israelis Like it Raw

More than happy to ignori (forgive me) the recurring warnings about mercury-laden fish, Israel has blossomed into a veritable sushi Eden. The 100th sushi restaurant opened its doors in Tel Aviv this past week, which makes the seaside city the … Read More

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