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A.J. Jacobs Talks about His Year of Living Biblically

Daniel Radosh, author of the new book Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture, interviews friend and fellow Jew writer A.J. Jacobs, contributing editor at Esquire, on his year-long road trip (or rather, home-trip) through the … Read More

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John McCain’s Foreign Policy Exposes The Limits of Bushido Politics

There was a lot to admire in John McCain's foreign policy address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council yesterday. The Arizona senator rejected the glib dulce et decorum est rhetoric of many of his supporters — "[o]nly a fool … Read More

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We Read Jewish Magazines So You Don’t Have To

What the Jewish media has been getting up to this week: In a Dear Abby column last month, Abby answered a question from a man who thinks one of his brothers tricked his wife into sex. Rather than get outraged … Read More

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How To: Clean For Passover

It’s the time of year again when some people go apeshit in their attempts to clean all chametz from every last crevice of their homes. You can skip the spring cleaning in favor of a Passover vacation, or you can … Read More

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Hump Day Art: Chassidic Fashion Designer Levi Okunov

Two weeks ago we showed you photos of the Jewish Museum's Off the Wall exhibit under construction. Now that the exhibit is in full swing, take a look at the results. These photos feature fashions from Chassidic designer Levi Okunov. … Read More

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Demi Moore Sucks: 3 Ways To Cleanse That Don’t Involve Leeches

Demi Moore made a recent appearance on the Dave Letterman show, where she described her latest foray into detoxification: Leeches. Sound archaic and potentially dangerous? Believe it or not, leeches have made something of a comeback in the medical world, … Read More

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StuffWhitePeopleLike.Com Explains The Intermarriage Rate gets the Nerve treatment: I drink too much bottled water (#76). I wear overpriced vintage t-shirts (#84), loved studying abroad (#72) and stand completely still at concerts (#67). I'm a fan of Michel Gondry (#68), Apple products (#40) and … Read More

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Maybe We Should All Be Nicer to Adam Duritz

Last weekend I was buying eight pairs of underwear at an American Eagle outlet in Atlantic City when a song from the Counting Crows' 1994 album “August and Everything After” came on the store sound system. Immediately, I felt embarrassed … Read More

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