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William Ayers’ Dark Stain On The Soul Of Chicago

Some people are awfully concerned that Barack Obama's predecessor in the Illinois state senate once introduced Obama to ex-Weatherman, lousy bomb maker, and current University of Illinois-Chicago education professor William Ayers at a party in 1995, that Ayers donated a … Read More

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Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Open Jewish Center in Krakow

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla arrived in Poland today to take part in the opening ceremony of a new Jewish community center in Krakow’s Kazimierz Jewish quarter. While the project was overseen by World Jewish Relief (a charity group based … Read More

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“It’s Almost Like They Form an Axis or Something”

One of the brainier conservatives to emerge from the Bush White House (and he's a Canadian Tory of all things) is David Frum, who famously gave us the much derided "axis of evil" coinage and in his spare time writes … Read More

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John McCain’s Reckless, Inane Economic Agenda

A couple of weeks ago, John McCain gave an address at Carnegie Mellon University that his campaign billed as a major speech outlining the would-be president's vision of economic policy. I meant to say something about it at the time, … Read More

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Fascism With An Armani Face

It has become fashionable in recent years to talk of the rise of intolerance in Europe. Jewish groups warn that anti-Semitism has returned to mainstream political discourse, often under the banner of opposition to “Zionism”; meanwhile, the Left prefers to … Read More

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From Neo-Nazi to Kosher Connoisseur?

A former neo-Nazi in Missouri has won a case requesting kosher food in prison. Prison officials don't want to deal with the cost or hassle (kosher food is twice as expensive and might cause pushing and shoving in the meal … Read More

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Israel’s State-Sanctioned Persecution Of Messianic Jews Must End

Israel's beauty shines brightest in its diversity. The country possesses one of the most culturally and physically diverse societies on the planet. No matter the kind of Jew, from Yemenite to Ethiopian to Polish, from Orthodox to Reform to secular, … Read More

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David Berlinski’s God Con

File this in the Shit Where You Eat Department. My other digital stomping ground, Pajamas Media, has run a rather silly piece by one of the cleverer sophists of the Intelligent Design movement (do I mean to say 'moment'?), David … Read More

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