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Joe Lieberman And John Hagee: Still BFF

People say that John McCain and Joe Lieberman are joined at the hip, but that's not fair. John McCain is occasionally hit by pangs of decency; Lieberman never is. For example, when asked whether waterboarding is torture at a debate … Read More

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Clip: Are Galifianakis and Showalter the Most Indie Comedians Ever?

This so-farfetched-it-could-be-real clip features Zack Galifianakis as himself — well, as someone named Zack Galifianakis who also writes for Utne (and Philippino Digest!) interviewing Michael Showalter, a.k.a. Widge Wemnin, the “most indie rocker of our time.” He’s so indie, in … Read More

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Suzanne M. Falk

My work is an escape as well as a submersion into my own magical thinking, childhood, and life traumas. It is based on visions, dreams, horrors, the search of love, salvation, dark humor, and gifts that I find on long … Read More

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Norman Finkelstein Accuses Jeffrey Goldberg Of Torturing Palestinians

Sometimes a guy just can't win. Last week, we noted that a deranged person with a blog for deranged people accused Jeffrey Goldberg of being a "jihadist" agitating for "Jewicide" because his position on West Bank settlements is the same … Read More

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In Islam and Judaism, Too Many Unmarried Women

Nothing highlights the difference between the Muslim and Jewish attitudes about marriage better than this article in the Washington Post. There are some new resources in the Muslim community devoted to helping new couples get to know each other before … Read More

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Visual Dispatch: Jerusalem The War Zone

Jerusalem has suffered so many terrorist attacks that the city council at some point seems to have decided to standardize the plaques commemorating the victims. A number of morose remarks could be made about this, but I'll make an effort … Read More

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Egyptian Jews Not Welcome In Egypt

The Israel-Egypt Friendship Association is composed of hardy souls, but even they were forced to admit defeat last week when they phoned the Marriott Hotel in Cairo to confirm their reservations ahead of a planned goodwill visit to Egypt by … Read More

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Kibbutzim? What Kibbutzim? These Are Eco-Farms!

When the early settlers in Palestine vowed to "make the desert bloom," it wasn't the fight against global warming that inspired them, but the idea that the Jewish people could be physically and spiritually redeemed through farming the land. These … Read More

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