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Good Causes: The Nachshon Challenge

In the story of Exodus, Nachshon was the first Israelite to wade into the Red Sea, confident that it would part like Moses promised. Jewish Funds for Justice is taking this metaphor and running with it: Their Nachshon Challenge gives … Read More

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Guess Which Candidate Is Toughest on Media Monopolies?

The Bush administration has been a failure in applying and enforcing antitrust laws. As Albert Foer, head of the American Antitrust Institute (and also father of The New Republic editor Franklin Foer and novelist Jonathan Safran Foer) put it in … Read More

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Iranian Israeli Spies On Israel For Iran

Usually, it's American Jews who have double loyalties that occasionally bleed over into out-and-out espionage on Israel's behalf. But Ha'aretz reports that an Israeli citizen has been arrested for funneling sensitive defense information to his birth nation, Iran, through the … Read More

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Barack Obama’s Pan-Semitic Opportunity

Earlier this year I wrote an article for Jewcy arguing that Barack Obama was good for the Jews. One of my more light-hearted points was that 'Barack' is essentially the same word as 'Baruch', and both mean 'blessed', so Jews … Read More

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Should We Be Entrusting the Peace Process to Adam Sandler?

The New York Times covers the impending release of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan with an interesting article about some of the challenges the film faced in pre-production and while shooting. Zohan, in case you haven’t heard, is about … Read More

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Three Poems from The Brakhot Cycle

From The Brakhot Cycle   One whose dead lies before him May be in no position to pray or to converse comfortably or even to make plans for the funeral, reschedule his haircut, inform the book group or the bowling … Read More

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Review: Steinski’s What Does It All Mean?

The issues of our age are increasingly reissues. Many people would rather purchase their pasts than pay the price for a future worth living. We see it on the DVD shelves at the big-box stores, where television shows from the … Read More

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Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Click here for the answer.

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