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Jewcy Exclusive: A Look Inside “Camp Camp”

Earlier this month, we told you about Camp Camp, a new book and blogging project from the makers of Bar Mitzvah Disco that encourages readers to reminisce about their wet hot American summers of yesteryear. Now that school's out and … Read More

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Leading From The Center: Bernard Avishai’s The Hebrew Republic

Bernard Avishai is a thinker and writer I've admired for some time, ever since I read his rather unfortunately titled 1985 work, The Tragedy of Zionism. That book was not, as one might think, an anti-Zionist exercise. Quite the opposite. … Read More

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Tzipi Livni: Israel Got Next

The historian J. Rufus Fears noted that great leaders – from Pericles to Lincoln to Churchill – share four characteristics. They are anchored in principles, guided by a moral compass, posses a vision, and have the ability to build consensus … Read More

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Pointing Fingers and Awarding Holocaust Heroics—What’s the Big Deal?

I was struck last week by several Holocaust-related stories in the news, and specifically how they all have the typical tunnel vision we’ve come to expect from anything vaguely related to the Holocaust.  The first covered a former suburban Cleveland … Read More

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Are There Any Jews in Narnia?

I'm used to trusting movies. The film industry is mostly made up of Jewish liberals, and so when I go see a film, I trust — often with a note of boredom — that what I'm going to see has … Read More

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Visual Dispatch: Gaza Before The Truce

Just hours before I arrived on the Israeli side of the Sufa border crossing to Gaza on Monday, the IDF killed three terrorists affiliated with the Islamic Jihad as they were planting a roadside bomb a few hundred meters away. … Read More

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Mapping Exhibit Too Controversial for Chicago’s Jewish Museum

Chicago’s Jewish museum, the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, is currently showing an exhibit called Imaginary Coordinates that focuses on maps of Israel and the Middle East. The Spertus website has this to say about Imaginary Coordinates: Imaginary Coordinates is … Read More

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Must Have: The Ultimate Beanbag from YogiPoof

As a college student, I can truly appreciate the beanbag, that wonderful invention you can throw around your basement or dorm room, providing no fuss, comfy seating. But beanbags don’t have to be the ugly blobs that many people associate … Read More

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