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A Conversation with The Silver Jews Front Man

David Berman is the front man and only constant member in the (formerly) ever-changing lineup of Silver Jews. On albums, he is loose-lipped and brazen, throwing clichés to the wind and spouting lyrics that are brilliant, simple, and beautiful; Pitchfork, … Read More

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Shia’s Not So Shy About the Liquor

Shia LaBeouf wants equal time. How else do you explain his latest in a series of arrests, warrants, and court dates each with their own, unique alcohol-related story? You see, when Shia recently decided to get drunk, flip his ride … Read More

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Obama’s Kotel Note Exposed by Israeli Boy, the Media

Of all the stories that have surfaced about Barack Obama in light of his election campaign, I bet he wasn’t expecting this particular bit of information to appear in the morning paper. Barack Obama just got back from a tour … Read More

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Does God Care What I Do with My Boobs?

A series of new public service billboards in California, which tout the importance of breastfeeding, are borrowing heavily from the notorious GodSpeaks campaign. If you’ve done any long distance driving in America in the last decade, you’re probably familiar with … Read More

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Forget JDate and eHarmony. Try GenePartner.

The incessant human search for love has led us here, to these embryonic days of the 21st century, where "chemistry" is no longer a colloquialism for attraction but rather a method for matchmaking. Would-be lovers for whom personality profiles fall … Read More

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The New Jew Canon: The Women’s Bible Commentary, Man’s Search for Meaning, Beginning Anew

  The New Jew Canon is a long-term project that seeks to canonize essential Jewish (and some Non-Jewish) reads as recommended by extraordinary rabbis, experts, and cultural leaders. Suggestions are welcome via comments or email. Title: The Women’s Bible Commentary, … Read More

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The Last Lecturer’s Last Dance: Goodbye to Randy Pausch

By now you've probably heard that Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon computer science professor whose "Last Lecture" went viral after the video was posted online, has succumbed to cancer at the age of 47. In his wake, he leaves a … Read More

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Must Have: He’Brew, The Chosen Beer

“What do you think of the beer?” I asked my friend after he had taken his first few sips. “Shofar, so good,” he replied. This delightful pun was made possible courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing Company and He’Brew, its line of … Read More

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