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The Jewcy Guide To: Breaking Up

Welcome to the Jewcy Guide to Breaking Up, where you'll be ushered through a universally difficult experience. Not sure how to handle the end of your relationship in a world of email, IM, and blogs? Looking for the right book … Read More

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What’s That? A Jewcy Party Tonight? Oh, Awesome.

Calling all Jewcers! We are having a party! And it is TONIGHT! Starting at 7:00, Author Adam Mansbach will be joining us for an exclusive chat about The End of The Jews, his new book about ethnic identity, music, and … Read More

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Barack Bonaparte: Obama’s Afghan Scheming Could Lead to a Disaster of Napoleonic Proportions

In 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte of France, head of the largest army in the world, began the worst military campaign in history. His ill-fated and tragic invasion of Russia led to nearly two thirds of the French army getting killed. The … Read More

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That Jewish Kind of Guanxi

I was chatting with a Chinese co-worker last December when she asked why I wasn't going back to America for Christmas like other foreigners she knew in Beijing. I offered what seemed like a simple explanation: "Jews don't celebrate Christmas … Read More

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Is Giving Guns to Kids What it Takes to Find Faith?

The Windsor Hills Baptist Church of Oklahoma City gave away a gun at its annual youth conference, held last week. The youth conference included a shooting competition (Jesus loves a good target range, after all), and the winner received an … Read More

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Talking Torah with Rabbi Rebecca Alpert

Zeek's Editor-in-chief, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, talks with Rabbi Rebecca Alpert about social justice, feminism and her book, Whose Torah? Zeek: When people hear your name, Rabbi Rebecca Alpert, they tend to think, "Jewish feminist lesbian." Has that label been … Read More

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What’s So Bad About Satanism?

A custody battle is brewing in Indiana, and it hinges on whether or not Satanism is a real religion. Jamie Meyer, a 30-year-old factory worker, is the divorced father of three young girls, and a member of the Church of … Read More

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Must Have: Jewish Rosaries

This will, admittedly, freak some of you out. Jewish Rosaries is a hot new line of “(jew)elry” by multi-tasking Brooklynite Carlen Altman. Carlen first got the idea for Jewish Rosaries after the traditional, Catholic rosary was popularized as a fashion … Read More

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