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Must Have: Obamica Yarmulkes from Vanity Kippah

Shmuly Tennenhaus’ life moto goes something like this: “If God gives you lemons, make Kippahs out of them.” The outcome? Introducing Vanity Kippahs, a new line of politically-inspired Kippot that encourages Jews and non-Jews alike, from both sides of the … Read More

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Ehud Olmert: The Failure of Style Over Substance

Ehud Olmert's announcement that he would step down from office caught no one by surprise. The drama surrounding the announcement was typical of Olmert, a Prime Minister who has always been much more style than substance. Israel treats its politicians … Read More

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Gay Black Jewish Klansmen: Picture of the Day, Aug. 14 2008

Another quick one, as requested by David Choe. The picture of the day. Anything I say will be extraneous. Except: this makes me feel warm inside.

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Izzy Grinspan Chooses to Besmirch Joyous Occasion

Izzy Grinspan, previously in charge of Jewcy's editorial operations, has surfaced in another Yiddishly-inflected publication, recently. Jewcy spies (in the form of Jewcy's original art director, Dave Choe) sent word — and a scanned image — that Izzy and new … Read More

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The Heretic: Exploiting Undocumented Workers Exploits Judaism

Undocumented workers, always one phone call away from deportation and a moment away from being summarily fired, are afraid to object to abusive working conditions. This makes them ripe for exploitation, as has been amply documented, and is one reason … Read More

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Michal Rubin

The moment in which I feel I can truly relate to someone is the moment I like to describe. People and places are evocative of my own feelings of disconnect. They are like a fading memory of something forgettable, but … Read More

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The Protocols: Are Jews to Aquatics what African-Americans are to Basketball?

I’m sorry. I really am. I had an entirely different column outlined for this week, all about interpreting the book and recent film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited through the lens of the twentieth century American Jewish experience (the striving, the … Read More

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Halakhic Striptease: Avi Nesher’s The Secrets

During the 1980s, Israeli filmmakers were preoccupied with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the 1990s, they explored the dynamic between Israel's urban centers and the country's periphery. The past decade has witnessed a rise in films that seek to portray the … Read More

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