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More on The Great Shlep

Thanks to some killer PR and the hard work of folks like Mik Moore at the Jewish Council for Education & Research, among many others, The Great Schlep goes down on Columbus Day weekend. It’s a mass pilgrimage of young … Read More

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Sarah Palin Endorses Hamas

How can it be that some people still pretend that Sarah Palin is suited for high office? This country has never seen someone so comprehensively unprepared for the vice presidency; Dan Quayle was Metternich by comparison. I’ve watched Sarah Palin’s … Read More

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VIDEO: Sacha Baron Cohen Wreaks Havoc at Milan Fashion Week

Sacha Baron Cohen and his Austrian fashionista alter ego, Bruno, are taking a hiatus from filming American heterosexual males squirm in the presence of homosexual affection to make Italian homosexual males squirm in the presence of seemingly horrendous heterosexual fashion … Read More

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Letter from Jew-neau (Part V): In Which the Author Quotes Plath in the Bath

This is the story of a powerful love, the kind that comes along once in a lifetime. It’s the story of a man who meets his destiny in the eyes of an Alaskan princess, under the infinite Alaskan sky, who … Read More

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The Greatest Depression: A Meltdown All of Us Can Enjoy

Since this is my last guest-blogging effort, I would like to begin by thanking Jewcy for the opportunity to post some thoughts all week long.  I have enjoyed it a great deal – you have a heckuva site going here!  … Read More

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Sarah Silverman Wants You to Schlep Your Fat Jewish Ass to Florida

You know when you get the same link from like six different trusted friends in the span of a single day?  And you’re like, fine, okay, I’ll click, wtf? Yeah, so, enjoy:      (Jimmy Kimmel, you’re a douche-nozzle for … Read More

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Book Club: Losing Hurts Twice as Bad

Surveying the American occupation of Iraq, Tulane political science professor Fettweis maintains that the war is a lost—and utterly pointless—cause and that the only rational course for America is to accept defeat and withdraw so that the process of national … Read More

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Wars, Bail-Outs and Jello Shots: Because Unsustainable Debt is the American Way!

I remember when I got my first credit card.  Some nice people had set up a picnic table on campus, and they were giving out free t-shirts if you would merely fill out a form and apply.  I also remember … Read More

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