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Chevre (Friends)

I’m walking on West 90th Street talking on my cell phone when I spy my friend, Leslie, shuffling toward me in flip flops. Leslie looks up from her introspection, sees me on the phone, lifts a foot revealing chipped toenail … Read More

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Letter from Jew-neau (Part IV): In Which the Author is Saved

So there I was, bent over backward in a marble cistern, two Aryan bodyguards holding my arms down, while Todd Palin shoved my face underwater. I could hear people singing and clapping, behind me a Kenyan preacher shouting about witchcraft … Read More

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News That Makes an Israeli Strike on Iran More Likely

From our friend and advisor over at the Atlantic, J. Goldberg, a link to analysis by Haaretz’s Yossi Melman, who blames Russian intervention for the collapse of sanctions, thrusting Israel into a wholly disconcerting either/or scenario: Because there is great … Read More

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The Heretic: How Jewish Law Killed Rabbi Yossie Raichik

On Sunday, Jewish law killed a 55-year old American-Israeli man. Rabbi Yossie Raichik died of a lung infection. He was waiting in Israel, where he had lived for almost 30 years, for a transplant to replace his irreversibly damaged lungs. … Read More

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Todd Hasak-Lowy’s first novel will be published in October. Its title is Captives and its hero is Daniel Bloom, a family man and screenwriter for Hollywood. Lately, Daniel’s become disenchanted by a world, or just a country, of contemptible materialism, … Read More

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Letter from Jew-neau (Part III): In Which Sarah Palin Reveals Her Breasts and Her Plans for the Jews

A lot of people are emailing me, texting me, Skyping me. A few want more details about Lady Lazarus – I tell them, check my website! ­- but most want to know about Sarah.  "What’s she really like?" they ask. … Read More

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Newsflash: The Coming Election Isn’t Necessarily that Important

If there is one thing that unites all media coverage of the current campaign, as well most of our breathless analysis and punditry, it is this: The 2008 election is the most important in a generation, perhaps in history.  Every … Read More

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The Protocols: Like Medieval Poland, the American South is Desperate for Jews

Well folks, my summer of traveling just ended with a brief visit to my ancestral home of Omaha, Nebraska.  Despite the fact that I was there for ostensibly professional reasons (I was honored to participate in the fantastic annual Omaha … Read More

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