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New Worthy Reads

Hey there, bookworm! Come on in and thumb through New Worthy Reads, Jewcy’s slideshow gallery of the latest and greatest books on our radar.  Each of these tantalizing tomes was authored by a past, present, or future Jewcy guest blogger, … Read More

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Don’t Just Do Something – Stand There: Why America Should Adopt a Strategy of Strategic Restraint

On Friday night, our two candidates will hold a debate on foreign policy.  Most of the questions are fairly predictable; the responses, even more so.  And one other thing is certain: If our founding fathers were in the audience, they … Read More

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I Got Blitzed by a Nazi Boyfriend

At the Metro Club in New Orleans, I was dancing with a law school student named Hendrik, who kept palming his way down the backside of my thighs.  Without hesitation, he told me he had been waiting all night to … Read More

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Letter from Jew-neau (Part II): In Which the Author is Hunted, Tortured, and Brought to Climax

“A little to the left,” Sarah said. “A little more. Left! Left! Yes, that’s perfect. Now faster.” “Like this?” I said. I was breathing hard, blowing steam into the air. “Is that good?” “Faster!” she said. Her command echoed across … Read More

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A Rabbi at War

My 15-month deployment to Iraq as a chaplain in the US Army just came to an end, and in a strange way, I was a bit sad to go. I’m going to miss the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve … Read More

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Politics, Strategy and Iran

It is difficult, if not impossible, to have a coherent discussion of foreign affairs during an election year.  As I argue in my new book, Losing Hurts Twice as Bad:  The Four Stages to Moving Beyond Iraq, politics is the … Read More

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Letter from Jew-neau (Part I): Sweet, Crude Sex with Sarah

Dear Jewcy, Thanks for inviting me to be a guest blogger! I have to admit, at first I wasn’t sure what to write about. I mean, I do post every so often on The Huffington Post–but those are usually impassioned … Read More

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The New Jew Canon: The Book of Jewish Food

The New Jew Canon is a long-term project that seeks to canonize essential Jewish (and some Non-Jewish) reads as recommended by extraordinary rabbis, experts, and cultural leaders. Suggestions are welcome via comments or email. Title: The Book of Jewish Food … Read More

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