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Americans: This is Your Future Leader Speaking…

As trite as it may be to discuss Barack Obama’s big brother-esque, domination of television last night, it was somewhat of a unique scenario, and hence, worthy of a couple of paragraphs of thought. The ad, which ran on NBC, … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Pigs Gone Wild, Glory in Philly and Syrians Who Don’t Understand That America Does as America Does

Thousands of crybaby Syrians gathered in Damascus to whine about U.S. soldiers entering their country and killing people. In what could be a hint of things to come in other countries that refuse to dabble in treif, Pakistan is overrun … Read More

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How Judge Judy Helped Me Grow A Spine

When I was twenty-four, I decided to return to Israel for good. For a while, things seemed to be going fine: I was making the rounds among scores of relatives and going on lots of dates with guys who picked … Read More

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On a flight from Florida to New York, my mother-in-law was chatting with another grandma, and one thing led to another, and they exchanged phone numbers.  Not their own: rather, those of their respective unmarried grandchildren.  When my mother-in-law gave … Read More

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David Toube: If I Could Vote, It’d Be For…

Jewcy recently asked a select group of foreign writers we admire to state which candidate they’d vote for if they could, and why. David Toube blogs at Harry’s Place. The prospect of Obama in the White House is hugely preferable … Read More

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Petros Pappalas

I strive to paint an experience onto the canvas honestly and meaningfully as possible. I explore various styles and themes while working because it reflects how I live my day to day. With all my highs and all my lows, … Read More

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Public Parts

Emily Stern, daughter of Howard, became the object of many Internet searches when she appeared nude as Madonna in the satirical play, Kabbalah, at the Jewish Theatre of New York in 2006. Though she pulled out of the production as … Read More

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May This Chicken Atone For Your Sins

Earlier this month, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews waved live chickens over their heads in a ritual known as kapparot, or "atonements." They chanted solemnly: "This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This chicken … Read More

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