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Anna Lukashevsky

My works are digital drawings. They talk about different kinds of cultural-mythological heroes, objects and situations and are my personal interpretation of them. They are coming from geopolitical discourses that I’m related with: russian (soviet & orthodox discourse), lithuanian (catholic), … Read More

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Cathy Thorne

It was while wearing an itchy waitress uniform in a near-bankrupt restaurant that Cathy decided to take stock of her life. She found it wanting. Almost 30 years old and feeling hopeless, she knew that something had to drastically change. … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: The Chicago Way, Dawkins v. Harry Potter, Rednecks for Obama

•  The U.S. sortie into Syria shows we’re escalating the war against Al Qaeda, using methods straight out of The Untouchables. •  Richard Dawkins is writing a book about being against non-scientific fantasy books for kids.  •  Racist rednecks are … Read More

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Health Nut

You’ve undoubtedly heard the old saw that any publicity is good publicity… I’m not so sure any more. I think it’s very possible that Missy Chase Lapine has just taken that one step too far. "Who?" you say. If you … Read More

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Oliver Kamm: If I Could Vote, It’d Be For…

Jewcy recently asked a select group of foreign writers we admire to state which candidate they’d vote for if they could, and why. Oliver Kamm’s response is excerpted from his longer post at the Times Online. I admire McCain, and … Read More

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Right Wing Extremist Elected Austrian Parliament President

Martin Graf, a member of the extreme right “Olympia” organization, has been elected as the third president of the Austrian parliament with 109 votes (out of a total of 182). Parliamentarians from the Green Party held up a poster declaring: … Read More

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What Is Syria Up To?

It’s difficult to put all the pieces together, and it is tempting to fall into one of several made-to-order narratives. Which might, in fact be true – but that doesn’t mean that they are complete.First, the basics. American troops attacked … Read More

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Yitzhak Rabin And Me

Election day this year happens to be the 13th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. It’s also the 13th anniversary of Michigan’s 28-25 loss to Michigan State in football. I was a recent grad-school dropout (I’d go on to drop out … Read More

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