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Save a Writer–Buy a Book

"It’s a very ugly time in American publishing," my agent wrote to me. I had just received my semiannual statement from my publisher, which informed me that a total of 716 paperback copies of my first book, Company C were … Read More

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The Face of New Europe?

Not long ago you’d have been hard pressed to find a more universally admired head of state than Vaclav Havel, a man whose name is synonymous with dissidence and who, at least in contemporary terms, most closely approximates the ideal … Read More

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Wear a Watch

A dear friend of mine, who is now "watching" over me, once taught me this crucial lesson: If you want to be on time, wear a watch. If you want to have really good time management skills, wear a watch. … Read More

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British Jews Speak Out

Until just a few decades ago, if you were a minority in the UK–national, ethnic, religious, whatever–then the only way you had a remote chance that your concerns and agendas might make it into the public arena was through some … Read More

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Hamas Front, The Holy Land Foundation, Guilty On All Charges

The most important terrorism trial of recent times has ended in a conviction: A jury on Monday determined that the Holy Land Foundation and five men who worked with the Muslim charity were guilty of three dozen counts related to … Read More

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The Next Crisis: Higher Education

The financial firms were first, now it’s the automakers. We hear estimates of anywhere from 1 million to 3 million jobs at stake, and other industries are lined up to make their own claims about their importance to the long-term … Read More

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Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus

I like to touch art. I enjoy touching it when it is expected, when the artist and work call for interaction, and I’m also drawn to touching the cool marble at the Met, with guards ready to condemn the slightest … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Robo Ethics, Rogue Health Nuts and Chinese Suppression Of Axl’s Opus

Meanwhile, back on Earth… Osama bin Laden’s former driver is set to be transferred from Guantanamo Bay to a prison in Yemen, where he will be held until his sentence expires on December 27. A computer scientist at Georgia Tech … Read More

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