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The Cheapest Transaction

“In the Lenin Barracks in Barcelona, the day before I joined the militia, I saw an Italian militiaman standing in front of the officers’ table.” Such is the famous opening of George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, recognized in Catalonia itself, … Read More

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Angelina Jolie, Soviet-Style

I guess Angelina Jolie is awesome [look how much trouble Ricky Gervais got into for trashing Jolie at the Golden Globes]  I can’t actually think of a good movie she has been associated with (save for Gone in Sixty Seconds, … Read More

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The Left and Obama’s Foreign Policy

The Left, expecting nirvana with  Barack Obama’s victory, is quickly discovering that the President-elect intends to govern from the center and apparently give them very little.  The Democratic leadership, the left asserts, has not moved to end the war, stop … Read More

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Church Turns To Lennon For Self-Preservation

In what could have been surprising display of humility, the Catholic Church has posthumously "forgiven" John Lennon for remarks he made in 1966 about The Beatles being "More popular than Jesus," rather than apologizing for demonizing the then-25-year-old musician. There … Read More

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Cranky American Jews Get Self-Righteous in Jerusalem– Without Good Reason

This article in the Jerusalem Post highlights the not-so-surprising lack of interest in the GA conference (huge gathering of Federation professionals from the States) by Israelis and well, the philanthropic American Jews are cranky about it. In the article, GA … Read More

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Jewcy Contributor Roundup: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

The Thanksgiving season is all about gratitude. But when we’re sitting around the table with our families and someone asks what we’re thankful for, we usually just say ‘my health’ or ‘our family all being together’ or something else that’s … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: More Shady Shit In Russia, Obama Keeps It Real and Axl Rose Finally Delivers

Stuff happens, even on the weekend somtimes… Chinese Democracy is reality (the album, not the concept). Doctors at Maywood University are doing tests to determine whether taking Viagra can give athletes an unfair advantage in competition. The Presidents of Georgia … Read More

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Spirituality as Satanism

Without Contraries is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence. From these contraries spring what the religious call Good & Evil. Good is the passive that obeys Reason. Evil is the … Read More

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