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New Israeli Recipes: Couscous Soup

A delicious, easy, flavorful dish from Israeli food maven Janna Gur. Read More

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Exit Pinter

I’ve had my disagreements with Johann Hari, but I’ve also had my agreements with him (on George Galloway and the rest of the gruesome galere of faux-cialists, Hari is extremely reliable). And his is the best cold water obituary on … Read More

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Preaching the Word of Atheism

When British comedy writer Ariane Sherine saw a bus ad with the Bible quote ‘When the son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth?’ she was not amused. When she followed the web link accompanying this quote … Read More

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Kosher Toilet Paper???

Like many of you, I thought this was a joke, unfortunately it is not. It seems that there is a whole economy based on the ridiculous modern day stringencies posed by Rabbinical authorities who in my view should be more … Read More

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Castro’s 12

Often in the chronicles of human endeavor, what appears a great beginning, or at least a revival, in a political or ideological movement, in reality represents its final, decadent stage.  Some fireworks burn brightest as they die,  Thus it was … Read More

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Coping with Christmas in Bethlehem

The Palestinian Authority decided to spend $50,000 on Christmas decorations in Bethlehem this year. The decoration committee is headed by city council member Zoughbi Zoughbi, who is excited about the prospect of lighting up this small city just south of … Read More

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In the Bible, "shibboleth" was the test password used by the Gileadites to sift out the enemy Ephraimites, who could not pronounce the ‘sh’ sound. The word "shibboleth" in Hebrew originally meant stream or flood, but in English it’s taken … Read More

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Code Pink Hearts Iran’s Mullahs

On Wednesday, November 26, a 39-year-old woman, Fatemeh Haqiqat-Pajouh, was hanged, together with nine male prisoners, in Tehran’s infamous Evin prison. In 2001, Fatemeh had killed her husband while he was attempting to rape Fatemeh’s then-14-year-old daughter, Zahra, born from a … Read More

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