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Blacklist at Mercury Lounge Saturday

Jewcy contributor Josh Strawn and his band Blacklist are performing this Saturday at Mercury Lounge in NYC: 217 East Houston Street. They go on at 10:30. My interview with Josh, another good Eustonista, is available here. And embedded for your … Read More

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The Jewish Body, Part 4: The Muscle-Jews

In the 1800s, Jews in Europe became a bit obsessed with Jewish "softness" and developed theories about how to change the Jewish body through physical labor, activity, and sports. One call for change came from a young Sephardic Jewish woman … Read More

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Not long ago, she was at a wedding, all dressed up and everyone told her she looked so pretty and then she got an excruciating headache. She called her ya-ya (grandma) and said, "Ya-ya, I think somebody gave me the … Read More

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The Jewish Body, Part 3: The Nose Jobs

So, we know that Gentile men have long been drawn to exotic Jewish beauty, the lure of the other. But what about the reverse? From Samson’s fatal attraction to Delilah to Seinfeld and his (all Jewish) buddies nattering on about … Read More

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Mexico as Gaza

There’s always something tricky about analogies. They are supposed to get you closer to the truth of something. But they do it through a falsehood that, even when we are conscious of its workings, has the power to blur the … Read More

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Gaza and After

My friend and colleague Michelle Sieff has been speaking at length with Paul Berman. The result is an extended interview on Z Word which covers the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, western perceptions of Hamas, the outlook for Middle … Read More

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On the British National Party’s “Pro-Israel” Turn

In January of this year, BNP leader Nick Griffin was interviewed by the Tel Aviv daily Ma’ariv and declared that he now has ‘no time for anti-Semites’. A few days later, he penned an article for the BNP website in … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: An Apology, A Fire, And a Gmail Fail

Today’s top stories, in no particular order… Following extensive controversy following a cartoon in the New York Post that appeared to portray President Barack Obama as a monkey, News Corp [the media conglomerate that owns the Post, as well as … Read More

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