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Just in Time for Purim: Yarmulkes Autographed By Celebrity Goys

Want to get a friend a gift for Purim, but running low on ideas? If you live in the Seattle area, you can go – alone or with a buddy – to check out a collection of kippot autographed by … Read More

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Jewish Body Part 2: The Sex

Whatever we say about women and men being equal now and tomorrow – I have three daughters who I want to see beat the world – throughout the whole human past, including the Jewish past, men and women have had … Read More

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Zeek offers readers a unique example of literary and cultural translation with this month’s story, “Boy,” written by Israeli-Arab writer Riad Beidas. Beidas’ work frequently treats the tensions felt by Israeli-Arab citizens. “Boy” was translated by Mohammed Alghbban, a Saudi … Read More

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Kosher in the Big Easy

Not too long ago, I was in New Orleans on a three-day work conference.  Having never been to the Crescent City before, I decided to seek out many of the city’s culinary delights.  But after I had tucked into a … Read More

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Jewish Body Part 1: The Circs

Melvin Konner is the author of The Jewish Body: An Anatomical History of the Jewish People (Shocken, January 2009). He will be guest blogging on Jewcy all week. Jewish Bod 1: The Circs Have you seen the picture bouncing around … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Slumdog Sweeps Oscars, Recession Due to Get Worse, and Boy Murderer Killed with Christmas Gun

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order:  The death toll has reached eleven in Nigeria as the clash between Christians and Muslims goes on. Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars at last night’s Academy Awards, including best picture. New … Read More

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Birthright, Part II

As the Birthright trip to Israel rolls on, it becomes apparent that our days and nights are not days and nights at all. Time is marked by a series of repetitions, little rituals embedded in bus rides and conversations that … Read More

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In Defense of Bernard Kouchner

Humanitarian. Physician. Internationalist. Politican. Those are just some words to describe Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister. However if we are to believe French journalist Pierre Péan, other adjectives should be used to describe Kouchner. Does Péan’s smear campaign have … Read More

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