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This Shabbat We Wait for Dad to Come Home

Question: "Doesn’t he want to get out of the army?" Today my daughter spent an hour at my side, pushing, pulling, and punching springy, yeasty dough. Her mouth watered for the ending, the brown hot challah that would fill her … Read More

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Nadya Suleman: Taking One For the Team

Since we’re still talking obsessively about Nadya Suleman, or "Octomom" as she’s been called in the press, let’s talk about non-traditional families and the way they are demonized in American popular culture. Make no mistake, I wouldn’t have fourteen kids. … Read More

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Israel: Sports’ New Pariah State?

Andy Ram, the Israeli tennis star, will participate in the Barclays Dubai tennis championship next week, after the United Arab Emirates relented on its earlier decision not to grant him an entry visa. The turnaround comes too late for Ram’s … Read More

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A Fresh Perspective

The city of Brotherly love is emerging a small group of artists who both veteran and young are bringing a freshness and ability to art unlike any other group in the city. Called the "New Philadelphia School", they commemorate "The … Read More

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Two Poems by Adam Sol

Jeremiah at the Outlet Mall  Even the parking lot is a three day walk across, where a man named Harold Hillman has painted his initials around the shadows of the cars. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Behold!  Only he has left his mark on … Read More

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George W. Bush, Shoes, and Me

I never imagined George Bush and I would be sharing war stories. This one was more in spirit than over spirits. See, in the summer of 2007, I made my first trip to Israel. I was there on assignment, reporting … Read More

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“Did Your Husband Kill Anyone?”

Question: "Did your husband kill anyone?" Finally, after nearly a year of waiting, my husband will soon be back in my arms. Sweat drips from my palms. My knees knock, and the constant stirring in my stomach makes me wonder … Read More

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Dancing Around Bashir

"Waltz With Bashir" has been racking up the prizes. In addition to a slew of international awards, it was awarded Best Picture by the National Society of Film Ciritics, Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes, and it seems to … Read More

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