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“Baal Teshuvah” Is an Inherently Offensive Term

Big Kiruv (outreach efforts to make non-Orthodox Jews Orthodox) is dominated by ultra-Orthodox and haredi organizations. These groups do not merely make a pitch for traditional Jewish living. Rather, they demand that Jews from a liberal and secular background accept … Read More

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Daniel Kahn: “A Tradition of Subversion and a Subversive Tradition” by Sarah Anne Minkin

From JVOICES.COM  – Author: Sarah Anne Minkin Dan Kahn and The Painted Bird’s new album, Partisans and Parasites is an addictive collection by outstanding, creative musicians. Together, the fast-paced, high energy klezmer, and sharp, evocative lyrics – sung in Yiddish, … Read More

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Judging Elijah

A Just Place [A response to A. R. Ammons’ "In Memoriam Mae Noblitt"] There’s no such thing as "just a place": some walk deserts, coil in the tanks of trucks, tear themselves under fences, looking for a just place as … Read More

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Making a Case for Yoetzet Halacha

While spending shabbos in Washington Heights several weeks ago, the residents were in the process of trying to find a new Rabbi for the shul. On Friday night the shul organized an Oneg Shabbat question and answer session with the … Read More

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Jewish Celebrity Blind Item

A Jewish-flavored guessing game courtesy of Page Six? Today is a good day. Here’s the item: WHICH sexy movie actress angered paying members of a trendy downtown synagogue by showing up with her bodyguard, who informed the women at the … Read More

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Vatican Rededicates Boston Menorah in Effort to Mend Catholic-Jewish Relations

In memory of Holocaust victims, Cardinal William Kasper, a top Vatican liaison to the Jewish people, rededicated a menorah at the Boston Archdiocese. He’s calling the menorah a reminder of "a common duty and a common responsibility" to promote peace among religions. … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Pirates Seize Tankers, Midwest Braces for Snow, and Madonna to Adopt (Another) Child

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Pirates have seized two European tankers off the coast of Somalia since yesterday. President Obama hosted an on-line Town Hall, receiving questions from over 90,000 Web users. A Taliban suicide bomber has killed 11 in Pakistan … Read More

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Tattooed Jews

Evocative, disrespectful, proud, antithetic: these are just some of the words used to describe Jews with tattoos. Seth Alamar, who has 30-odd tattoos, calls most of his markings religious or “Jewish.” He has heard all the reasons why a Jew … Read More

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