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Cheating is for Winners: Meet Shaindy.Com

When the epidemic broke out, The Jew Spot had to get in on it. Lucky for us, founder of Shaindy not only gave us an interview, but VIP access. Little did we know we’d find ourselves in a website … Read More

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See-Thru Credit Cards

Several years ago, an acquaintance stole my identity and opened several credit cards in my name. I learned of the theft only when she ceased to be able to pay even the minimum amount due, and I became the unhappy … Read More

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Solitary Pleasures

The woman in the black &white photograph was leaning forward, smiling, as if offering to the camera, or the photographer, the whole of who she was, the whole of who she thought she was, or wanted you to think she … Read More

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Palestinian “Happiness”

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a focus of media coverage throughout the world for decades. Yet, despite (or perhaps because of) widespread media attention in America, Americans often view this conflict from a distance, isolated from the painful reality by … Read More

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Climbing from the Gutter

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was “Tintin in Tibet”, a rollicking tale of how the tufted one treks through the Himalayas in order to rescue his pal Chang, the sole survivor of a plane crash. … Read More

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All Jewish, All the Time

Four years ago, when Coleman was born, I sometimes attended a mothers’ group in my neighborhood, an obscure corner of the Lower East Side tucked away beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. Like many new mothers in neighborhoods across the country, I … Read More

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Tzedakah, Philanthropy, and Tax Breaks

The always-provocative Peter Singer has a fascinating column in this week’s Forward in which he argues that charitable giving that benefits the poor should be eligible for tax breaks, but that giving to philanthropies that do not work on poverty … Read More

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A Religion of Loneliness

“My roots are cut off like stumps, and sometimes I feel the pain inside the wounds.” These are the words of Laish, the child-narrator of the novel by the same name, written by Aharon Appelfeld and newly translated by Aloma … Read More

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