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Rethinking Jewish Spirituality

Jewish spirituality is, in large part, in the state-change business.  At the better synagogues-i.e., the ones which actually care about prayer or spirituality, or at the very least a good community feeling-you show up thinking about mortgages and to-do lists, … Read More

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He Gave Me a Drawer – I Took The Kitchen

I met someone special at Purim this past year.  It wasn’t love at first sight, not at all (after all, I was wearing a mask when we met). And it took some persistent and clever wooing on his part, but … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Military Plane Crashes, Pope on Facebook, and MLK Movie to be Released

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: At least 98 people are dead and 15 are injured after an Indonesian military plane crashed, carrying soldiers and their families. The Pope is getting a Facebook. Enough said. American Idol fans … Read More

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Wolverine Is Jewish

In this video, I explain how Wolverine is clearly a member of the tribe. Enjoy, because this is as close as you’re getting to Hugh Jackman being a Jew.

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The Dancer

The linked stories in Yehudit Hendel’s recent collection, The Empty Place (HaMakom HaReik (2007)], are set in Tel Aviv’s Dubnov Garden. There, on park benches and along pathways, her characters struggle to connect with one another and understand themselves. Though … Read More

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New Jewish Thought: Dispatch From the UK

The British Jewish community rarely seems to feature on the worldwide Jewish map. It may have been significant a century ago, although probably only then because a handful of its leaders had access to the corridors of power of the … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: British Parliament Official to Step Down, Clinton Finds New Job, and Swayze Still Alive

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Britain’s speaker of the House of Commons will step down in June after an expenses scandal. He will be the first in his position to step down in 300 years. A shooting in … Read More

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Jew Trek

As seems de rigeur for this sort of post, let me prove my Star Trek bona fides (or lack thereof) before going forward. I was a child of Star Trek: The Next Generation, only three years old when it premiered, … Read More

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