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Sitting at an outdoor café on Broadway with my friend Lori, we are talking about eggs and cholesterol one minute, and in the next we’re discussing how, when someone or something disappears from one’s life, "You can feel empty," Lori … Read More

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Seeking Minyan, Will Travel

 A lot of Jewcy readers may not realize this, but the last time I openly spoke about going to a minyan of non-orthodox Jews on my blog, it seemed like I would be burned at the stake – my post … Read More

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“Speaking Jewish”

“If I say ‘Jewish Art’ to people, even to dear friends, Jewish or not, it’s like saying ‘the world is round’ in 1491. Each new painting sails off where there be monsters.” So wrote American Jewish artist R.B. Kitaj in … Read More

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Britney Spears’ Secret Conversion Diary

The New Yorker, everybody’s favorite highbrow magazine, likes to drag their heels in the mud with the rest of us from time to time. Check out their new illustration regarding Britney Spears’ ostensible conversion to Judaism [Editor’s note: Britney is … Read More

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Taking the Oy-Vey Out of Planning Your Big Day! A Virtual Haven for Jewish Brides-to-Be

What happens when JDate actually works?  That was the predicament owner Sara Marcus found herself in when she first became engaged. While print and online wedding resources abound, she found that none specifically addressed the needs of planning a Jewish wedding. … Read More

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Israel is at War Again

Israel is at war again. This time, the frontline is deep within the country’s borders—South Tel Aviv. Home to African refugees, foreign workers, and economically disadvantaged Israelis, South Tel Aviv was once a picture of pluralism and coexistence. Indian, Nepali, … Read More

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‘Life of Pi’ Author To Pen Holocaust Novel

Did you like Yann Martel’s bestselling Booker-Award-winning book Life of Pi? If so, get ready for his next publication. The New York Times reports that Martel has a bright literary future ahead of him and that his next project will … Read More

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What’s a Good Liberal to do with Brüno?

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, Brüno, has gotten a wary and reserved response from reviewers, and if Brüno is to be judged by its success as a political satire, Baron Cohen is on shaky ground. Jarrett Barrios, the president of … Read More

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