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Summing Up Sri Lanka

Dov Wilker is based in Atlanta but is currently in Sri Lanka on a project organized by Relief International (RI). He will be blogging about his experiences for Jewcy, and you can also catch him at See You In Ceylon. … Read More

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Chronicles of a Nonbeliever

I do not believe in God. This lack of belief on my part has been a source of contention between my mother and me since I first told her.  She blames my father, of course. While my mother went to … Read More

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Angetevka Days

In my twenties, I fancied myself a poet.  No one else did.  I labored under the delusion that I was, if not profound, at least mildly interesting.  I was not.  I abandoned all notions of being a poet some time … Read More

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Fields of Dreams: The Jewish Farm School and Its New Plot of Land

Look out at the plot of land and you will see an empty field, surrounded by thick forest on three sides, and tennis and basketball courts on the fourth. But when Simcha Schwartz, associate director of The Jewish Farm School, … Read More

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Zionism, Ethics and the New Birth of Freedom

Once upon a time, Zionism was considered one of the most progressive of causes among American liberals. Support for Zionism was thought to go hand in hand with noble goals such as civil rights and the advancement of freedom, free … Read More

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Love Lessons

Projects like Open Strings are difficult to review. I have been listening to this double album, the latest release from Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn’s Honest Jon’s label, for twelve hours a day since it arrived in the mail … Read More

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Jewcy and ModernTribe on the Joey Reynolds Show

Last night, Jewcy’s editor, Lilit Marcus, and Jennie Rivlin Roberts, founder of and inventor of No Limit Texas Dreidel, appeared on The Joey Reynolds Show, a New York-based radio show. Also on the show were entertainer Eddie Bruce, veteran … Read More

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Niles Goldstein, Black Belts, and G-d

Niles Goldstein is famous for taking Judaism back to its roots: tradition, rebellion, mysticism and G-d. His last book Gonzo Judaism showed us the exciting, provocative and exhilarating parts of being Jewish and living Jewish lives. Now Niles get’s a … Read More

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